A New Kind of Passport: National Parks

I have always desired to explore new places right here in America, but honestly I didn’t know where to start or how to go about it. Kind of crazy, when I have already gone to 30 countries in the world to see what they have to offer.. but it is true. The US has so many places and things to do, that really I am unsure of just how to go about it. On a trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee for my Spelunking trip I came upon my solution. As my friends and I explored Chattanooga, to the World’s steepest passenger Train incline, we were recommended to check out Pointe Park for beautiful views of the city. Unfortunately it was rather cloudy and we could hardly see the views, but something awesome came out of the adventure. It was rather cold, and one of my friends had to use the bathroom. …

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Bug Chasers: People that Actually Want to be HIV+!

We all tend to have the understanding that HIV is NOT something anyone would want to have… at least that was my understanding of the virus. In my years of research in the field, hosting Safer Sex Socials, promoting being tested every year… never did I imagine that someone would be out there not only wanting to have HIV (Bug Chaser) but those with HIV willing to give it to someone (Gifter). When on earth did HIV become a GIFT?? As I opened my view of HIV research to understand not only my lab work and how it affects the central nervous system, I started taking a course on Coursera. For those who do not know, Coursera is a online classroom (free!) for individuals to acquire knowledge and information from a large selection of fields (math, science, finance, public health, you name it). What is even more exciting is that classes …

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Be Your Own Trendsetter….. Be You!!

As our week starts and we bring February to an end, I challenge you to be your own trendsetter. Let us not care what you feel you should be doing and how you should be doing it. It is just fine the path you have chosen… It is fine the way you dress… It is fine how you express yourself… It is fine if you don’t watch Scandal… It is fine if you still like wearing overalls… It is fine… just the way you are as long as you love who you are. This week, do what you want to do, just how you want to do it… and let it be known it is okay if you are the odd one out.. After all in order to be number one.. you have to be odd.. right?? (HAHA.. okay maybe my humor sucks.. but you get my point… 1 is …

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