2015 LAMB Scholarship Recipients

We would like to thank all the applicants for taking the time to apply for LAMB Foundation Scholarships. As always it was a tough decision deciding the winners for this year.

As announced at the Moores Primary School graduation on July 2, 2015, the recipients this year are:

Ruth-Ann Schoberg Achievement Scholarship
Nathaniel Briscoe

Dorothy Williams Scholarship
Brittoney McKenzie

Duhaney-Bell High Achievers Scholarship
Cassandrann Dennis

Moores Primary Alumni Scholarships
Consi Duvalier

Numeracy Challenge Award
Shawene Thomas

Literacy Challenge Award
Shawene Thomas

1st Grade
1st Place- Michaela Tulloch
2nd Place- Alliyah Simms
3rd Place- Paityn Reid
Most Improved- Bianca Bailey

2nd Grade
1st Place- Elliot Sinclair
2nd Place- Dontay Holness
3rd Place-Johnneil Anderson
Most Improved- Ashanti King

3rd Grade
1st Place- Markeis Young
2nd Place- Jaheim Gordon
3rd Place- Jewel Dixon
Most Improved- Aliyah Chablol

 4th Grade
1st Place- Alecia Edwards
2nd Place- Samoya Davis
3rd Place- Brittany Duckett
Most Improved- Kareci Nelson

5th Grade
1st Place- Brittania Saunders
2nd Place- Sean Douglas
3rd Place- Shawene Thomas
Most Improved- Sophine Dennis

6th Grade
1st Place- Nathaniel Briscoe
2nd Place- Kaylia Bennett
3rd Place- Brittoney McKenzie
Most Improved- Rohan Fyfee

Congratulations to our recipients for 2015. Keep up the good work and we expect even greater things for the 2015 school year.

LAMB Foundation Scholarship applications for 2016 will open December 1, 2015.