2016 John Green Memorial Scholarship Match

LAMB Foundation is delighted to invite you to the 2nd Annual John Green Memorial Scholarship Match.

The 2015 Inaugural John Green Memorial Scholarship match saw over 50 scholar athletes representing approximately 14 different high schools across central Jamaica and Kingston. The quality of play was very good. The level of discipline on and off the field on the day was very high. That was aided by the presence of FIFA certified referees (Kevin Morrison and Staff) and coaches from several of the high schools to show up to support their players. The weather was a warm 85 degrees throughout the day with no rain. The facilities (picture below) were of a high quality. Below is a video taken during the 2015 match.

Video – Day 1 Game 1 (2015):  


Middlesex International College Soccer Complex Adjacent to Hotel Versalles & Middlesex International College)

Long Bridge Ave, Clarendon, Jamaica

Middlesex International College: http://middlesexinternationalcollege.org/about

DATE: Sunday, November 27th 2016, 9am EST
PARTNERING HOTEL: Hotel Versalles (walking distance from soccer complex)

42 Long Bridge Ave, Clarendon (Phone: (876) 986-2775)

Manager: Ms. Karen Mitchell

Preferred rate $6,490.00 JA / approximately $65 U.S. (double occupancy) plus 10% discount on all rooms.

2016 John Green Memorial Scholarship Match 2016 John Green Memorial Scholarship Match 2016 John Green Memorial Scholarship Match

GROUND TRANSPORTATION: Courtesy of Denbigh High School Airport pick up and drop off at Hotel Versalles $60 USD

To select schoolboy football matches. Rate TBD

LUNCH Available match day to players  
PRIMARY ORGANIZER: Brian James, bjames@lamb-foundation.org or (571) 334-2957
LOCAL ORGANIZER: Ms. Christine Bartley, Sporting Director, Denbigh High School, +1 (876)350-4392