31 Days of Janet Jackson: Top 10 Countdown

Just a quick recap of Janet! One of my favorite intros.

Well there’s something to… Are you recording?
There’s something to be said for not saying anything
I’ve talked about racism, spousal abuse, empowering women, children
I’ve talked about a lot of things
What do I talk about this time?
I’ve covered a lot in my 20 years
And I’ve uncovered a lot in my 20 years
But I wanna keep it light
I don’t wanna be serious
I wanna have fun
I know
I don’t know
That’s what I do know


As many of you know.. I am the absolute Janet Damita Jo Jackson Fan. Every since I can remember I have been addicted to her songs, her moves, her grace… just everything Janet. My poor friends have had to listen to endless repeats of her songs when they come out.. but I think they have just not accepted that this is just what it will be now and forever more.

As I count down to my first.. yes I said it.. VERY FIRST Janet Jackson concert on September 24th… I just wanted to give you a little taste of some of my favorite songs. But not only share the songs but just why they mean so much to me…

So I will share my top 10 songs leading up to her concert  and what they mean to me.

Note: I technically love all her songs… interludes, outros and all.. but I had to make a selection or I would be naming every single song.

Enjoy… if you aren’t already a Janet Jackson fan.. I hope you become one!


#10 Let’s Wait a While

There’s something special about waiting… and taking your time. To allow love to unfold and be just what it is meant to be…

Growing up I had a strong desire to love and be loved. To give all I have and hope I will get that in return. The more I came across people (friends and guys) I went all in 110% ready to make them just what I wanted them to be to me. I didn’t feel like it was necessary to take time and figure things out. I wanted what I wanted right then. I already knew what I could offer and what I brought to the table and so it was really just for them to get on the same page.

This song not only gave me a reason to understand that things take time in love and relationships… but quite frankly… it is more than okay to wait…

And it truly doesn’t matter what that wait is… it differs with each person… it will all be what it is meant to be.


But, in the end…. “I promise, I’ll be worth the wait”



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