About LAMB

My name is Lecia Brown, and I was a volleyball student-athlete at the University of Louisville 2006-2010. Since then, I have now completed my PhD in Neuroscience I am now in the process of starting a new career opportunity.This career path I hope to begin is one of motivational speaking. I think my path of life has truly given me a platform not only to connect with others, but to help them actualize, work towards and achieved their goals. In my 28 years to date I have:

1) Obtained my Bachelors degree in Biology, 2 Masters Degrees (Health Sciences and Neurosciences) and my PhD in Neuroscience
2) Play Division 1 Volleyball, Professional Volleyball and played for my National Team of Jamaica
3) Started my own Non profit since I was an undergraduate student at the University of Louisville but also be on the boards and committees of 2 other non profits Bridge Kids International and The SoSA
4) Travelled the world not only for personal reasons but for research, philanthropy, and cultural interactions

My experiences throughout this time have really put me in a unique place to speak to a wide range of individuals.

  • Athletes
  • Scientists/Science Majors
  • Philanthropists
  • Avid Travelers