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LAMB Foundation

I am Lecia Brown, the founder and chair of the non-profit organization LAMB Foundation, Incorporated started December 2008. As a born and raised Jamaican native of Moores, Clarendon, I had firsthand knowledge and experience of the struggles and hardships faced within the community, specifically with access to healthcare. The closest hospital, being nearly one hours travel on ill-maintained roadways, was usually ventured on public transportation. Growing up in Moores, I was exposed to a community of individuals whom believed in sacrifice for the greater good. My grandmother would often say, “if you have, then give” and it is this adage that is the backbone of the LAMB organization. I would like to repay all of the sacrifices made on my behalf by paying it forward. The time and money invested in me, allowed me to become the student-athlete graduate of the University of Louisville, where I earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in the biological sciences while playing Division 1 volleyball. Being offered the opportunity to attend University opened up doors that allowed me to explore options for a future, including becoming a professional volleyball player, which I did in Poland, Europe. Currently I have completed my Master’s degree in the Health Science and I earned my PhD in neuroscience so that I may delve into the understanding of the HIV disease and its effects on maternal and child health in third-world countries.


LAMB Foundation has a vested interest in providing education and training primarily in the areas of education, health and sports. The hope of this organization is to motivate students into excelling by providing them with opportunities for growth and development. This was initially accomplished at Moores Primary School through a program within LAMB Foundation called SuperNova, where students were exposed to cultural lessons, such as Spanish and money management. A young lady, traveled from Kingston to Moores every week to give lessons, headed the program. She was provided with a stipend for travel and for supplies for the students, and was given the opportunity to attend the BridgeKids International conference in Senegal, Africa.


After two years, LAMB Foundation saw no limits to helping others reach their potential. The cost of Scholarships, scholarship supplies, camp supplies and shipping exceeds $10,000 USD each and every year. We reach 50+ scholarship students all over the world and over 50 athletically gifted children each year. Ultimately our goal is to better our country by uplifting and providing opportunities to the youth.

With your help and support these hopes and dreams can become a reality. Please visit the LAMB Foundation, Inc. website to find out more information: or contact me 561 306 8886 or And remember: “if you have, then give.”