Congratulations to our 2016 Soccer Scholarship Student-Athletes

In 2015, LAMB Foundation hosted its first annual John Green Memorial Scholarship Match. Not only did we have more athletes participate than anticipated on the first year, but we also had great support from coaches and athletes wanting to see the scholarship match improve and grow. Please check out the highlights and information from 2015.

From this match we are pleased to announce that several athletes have been awarded scholarships to play in the US, and have already started on their first semester at their schools.

Onando Collins - Glenmuir High School to Robert Morris University, PA
Seigle Knight  - Clarendon College High School to Eastern Florida State University
Malik Palmer - Clarendon College to Ancilla College
Andre Lowe - Grange Hill High School to Cuyahoga College
Tee-Jae Whyte - Mannings High School to Cuyahoga College
(Note: Unfortunately Tee-Jae Whyte had his visa denied but we at LAMB Foundation hope to take the appropriate measures to help reduce these difficulties international students face).
Upcoming 2016 John Green Memorial Match
Because of the great success of this event we are excited to announce on November 27th we will be having the 2016 John Green Memorial Scholarship Match once again.
We hope to see more athletes, have more university coaches present, and secure even more scholarship for the upcoming year.
BUT... We need your support to make this happen. We have started a GoFundMe that you can directly donate to and assist in making student-athletes dreams come true.
Your donation goes directly to the cause in:
1) Providing jerseys for the athletes
2) Providing lunch and refreshments throughout the scholarship match day
3) Provide support for SAT scholarship for the students so they can be eligible
If you have additional questions, please contact Brian James via email at