Congratulations to the 2014 LAMB Scholarship Recipients


We at LAMB Foundation would like to thank everyone who continues to make our scholarships possible. We look forward to another successful year in 2015.

Consi Duvalier-Ruth-Ann Schoberg Achievement Scholarship
This years recipient for the Ruth-Ann Schoberg Achievement Award has painted a portrait of excellence for herself. Since the initiation of LAMB Foundation Scholarships we have continually seen her name as a strong candidate at every grade level. This student has already in the last 2 years received 3 LAMB Scholarships from placing in the top 3 of her class in 2012 and 2013 and also being the top scorer on her Numeracy exam. This year she will walk away with two more from LAMB Foundation Scholarship, this being one. 

One thing we do know from life and pursuing education is, if you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you. You cannot be stopped!  In your essay to LAMB Foundation, you stated receiving this award would show that your hard work has paid off, well, Consi Duvalier, we would like to congratulate you and say, my dear, your work has paid off, but dont stop here. The world is yours to conquer. Stay focused, and before you know it you will be holding the world in your hands.

Deneisha Dawkins-Dorothy Williams Scholarship
Dorothy Williams Scholarship is always a very hard task. This years recipient for this award is an ambitious young lady who poured her heart and desires into her essay. She is excited to learn and hopes to become a teacher one day. It was evident from her essay that receiving this scholarship was not just for the benefit of this young student, she had a heart that extends beyond her age. She cares to help her family, and her community. While this scholarship may only be able to help her through school, she refuses to let that be the reason she cannot reach back and help someone else in her position. This is the type of student that earns her way to success pulling someone else working towards the same goal. The reason she aims to be a teacher is because of that one special teacher Ms.. Brown whom though strict as she says, wants nothing but the best for her. Well, Ms. Deneisha Dawkins congratulations on receiving the Dorothy Williams Scholarship this year. We hope to hear more about your journey to becoming a teacher, and as you continue on dont forget the proverb: Congratulations to the 2014 LAMB Scholarship Recipientsone good turn deserves another.Congratulations to the 2014 LAMB Scholarship Recipients

Cassandrann Dennis-  Duhany-Bell Alumni Award
This year we started a new scholarship opened for students currently in high school, who are excelling in their studies. This year our recipient is no stranger to LAMB Scholarships. She has received 3 LAMB Scholarships awards in 2 years by placing top 3 in her class here at Moores Primary in 2012 and 2013. She was also the recipient of our Ruth-Ann Schoberg Achievement Awards in 2013. Now attending Denbigh High School she has finished her first year once again at the top of her class. She has now extended her extra curricular activities to 4H club and the netball team. You stated you wanted to make the members of LAMB Foundation proud, ever since we met you Ms. Cassandrann Dennis we have been proud. You are relentless and dedicated, and I am sure your friends, family, Moores Primary and community members are all proud of your great accomplishments. Congratulations Cassandrann Dennis. Hopefully with this award you will continue to excel.

Numeracy Challenge
Rohan Jemison

Literacy Challenge
Kaylia Bennett

Supernova Stars & Most Improved (Grades 1-6)
Grade 1:
1st Place- Markeis Young
2nd Place- Elliot Sinclair
3rd Place- Dontae Holness
Most Improved- Ashanti King

2nd Grade:
1st Place- Jaheim Gordon
2nd Place- Toni Ann Jones
3rd Place- Ronaldo Lawrence
Most Improved- Kevaughn Miller

3rd Grade:
1st Place- Geovani Hall
2nd Place- Alecia Edwards
3rd Place- Shirley Ann Miller
Most Improved- Jaheim Douglas

4th Grade
1st Place- Britannia Saunders
2nd Place- Shawene Thomas
3rd Place- Sean Douglas
Most Improved- Kenisha Mckennon

5th Grade:
1st Place- Nathaniel Brisco
2nd Place- Kaylia Bennett
3rd Place- Natascia Dixon
Most Improved- Mickail Bell

6th Grade
1st Place- Consi Duvalier
2nd Place- Michaela Mckoy
3rd Place- Tianna Sanderson
Most Improved-Iesha Gardner 

Big Hearts

White Marl Basic School
1st Place-Javon Williams
2nd Place- Javaughn Jackson
3rd Place- Sharnell Fagon

Moores Basic School
1st Place- Mikhalia Tulloch
2nd Place- Atayja Ambursley
3rd Place- Johanna Sybron

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