Detectives of the Night (Murder Mystery Dinner)

Another bucket list item checked off!! It was a pretty fun event so let me get to telling you all about it.

First of all GroupOn made this event possible with not only giving me a practically 50% discount off from the usual $60 to ($29 each), but then they had an additional 20% off sale, which brought it down even further. Yay GroupOn! #Winning

I booked the date a while back for my older sister and I knowing I would be in West Palm Beach for a wedding and christening happening in our family (both family events were just wonderful by the way.)

In any case, we drove to downtown West Palm Beach where we parked right outside of Shout Karaoke on Olive Ave. As soon as you enter you get to take a picture that you can later purchase (more photo ops available during the dinner and after).

After taking our photos and checking in we are introduced to our team, and we sit together. We are explained the rules of how things are played and step-by-step guided through the process.

At your table, one person dining with you will actually take on the role of a suspect, given props and information. Each table has 1 suspect, and so as you are a part of the suspect table you automatically become that suspect as well in the process. We happened to be Shady Fingers.


Team Shady Fingers:

Detectives of the Night (Murder Mystery Dinner)

Team Shady Fingers!

Without giving you too much of details, one of the cool things we had to do was to steal napkins and utensils from other tables and bring it back to our table without getting caught. We started off simple, but then we decided to take it a bit further… We started taking phones and purses… It wasn’t until it was almost finished that people started realizing their phones, eyeglasses or purses were missing. It was a great adventure added to the whole feel.

Detectives of the Night (Murder Mystery Dinner)

Some of the items we stole!

So, as you go through the booklet that is given one page at a time you have to interact with other tables, asking the right questions to get the answers you need. There is of course 1 detective leading the investigation. He introduced every suspect but also asks him or her questions to give us all clues.

Throughout the meal, the interactions keep you laughing and enjoying yourself until finally, it is time to select the killer. It was not until the end that we decided to use our “bribe” money to get answers. We immediately went to a few people we thought were the killer and started asking questions… Still unsure of who the killer is we put in the answer.

After revealing who had the absolutely worst answer, they said who won… of course Team Shady Fingers came out on top. Yay Team!!

So clearly there are some pros and cons to this day right… let me run down the list really quick:




1.     Great time2.     Everyone gets to Act and be loose

3.     Meet great people

4.     Cool experience

5.     Very interactive

6.     Awesome photo ops (despite the price)

7.     Cool Murder Scenario

1.     Food was not that great (Simple salad, Chicken Marsala/Baked Ziti/Pork with mashed potatoes, cheese cake/key lime pie) The options sound decent but the preparation just wasn’t that great

2.     The seating was very low and they had basic normal chairs. Nothing special about the set up

3.     Actors leading it used hand held microphones and passed it around it would be more effective with each person have their own microphones or have it clipped on.

4.     Pictures were $10 bucks for 2. Ahh!

There are more pros than cons, and I would definitely recommend you try it out. If I have another opportunity to go to a different Murder Mystery Dinner location and theme, I would definitely jump at the chance…and you should too.

Check out GroupOn and find a Murder Mystery Dinner near you!

Detectives of the Night (Murder Mystery Dinner)


Have you been to a murder mystery dinner? Share your experiences.. both good and bad!



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