Faces of LAMB Foundation: Lavinia R. Ogolla (Kenya)

Lavinia R. Ogolla (Kenya)

LAMB FOUNDATION AFFILIATION: Lavinia is a LAMB Foundation Board Member. She sits as the head of Marketing and Social Media Committee and is majorly in charge of research and General LAMB Foundation information and calendar activities. She is a Kenyan Native, a philanthropist wanting to change her home and social entrepreneur currently and in the past involved in key social activism. She became involved with LAMB Foundation in 2013 when she met the founder Lecia Brown in Kenya, and helped with the LAMB volleyball camp held in her country.

OTHER WORK/AFFILIATIONS: She has in the past worked as a Communications liaison for Justice Advocacy Africa; a non-profit organization aimed at promoting pro bono work and improving judicial trial skills among African lawyers. (JAA) s mission is to promote the rule of law in Africa by providing education and training in ethical and professional advocacy to African lawyers. Currently she is also working with young women from various counties in Kenya for the purpose of empowering the youth, promoting and acceptance of youth in entrepreneurial circles and bringing together young women to share ideas and interact through the initiative; Daughters of the Nile. DoN works in solidarity with the youth connecting their voices, sharing ideas, spreading inspiration to eradicate poverty and ensure social justice prevails.

She dedicates 60 days out of the year for pro-bono/voluntary work with various activists and institutions of interest. Her interests include; advocacy and awareness campaigns, Public interest litigation. She is also passionate about Art and Media as expedient tools for activism.

‘I was a Trainee Radio presenter (98.1 Equator FM) run by my university, Developing content and hosting a social educative program that was meant to create positive impacts on the lives of students and the neighboring communities. It is then that I realized how crucial media is in the process of change through creating awareness so I very much encourage the positive use of it’.

Professional skills: Proposal and report writing; logistics, planning and organization; development project administration and communication management; implementing monitoring and evaluation; international relations and diplomacy; internal policy formulation; grant and budget management; philanthropy.

Her mission is to encourage awareness amongst Kenyan youth for them to lead through education and have the potential and right information to meaningfully change and solve core societal problems.