Faces of LAMB Foundation: Lotoya Annon-Simpson (Jamaica)

Lotoya Annon-Simpson (Jamaica)

LAMB FOUNDATION AFFILIATION: Lotoya is a LAMB Foundation Board Member. She sits as the Secretary of Friends of LAMB Foundation (our NGO in Jamaica) as well as head of our Community Center Committee. Her main focus will be ensuring the NGO in Jamaican remains up to date with rules and regulations, as well as continue to work of the Clinic Project in Moores, Clarendon. She is a past resident of White Marl (a near by community to Moores) and a past student of Moores Primary School. Her connection to the community and those surrounding made it a key interest to assist as best she can to help.

She learned about LAMB Foundation about two years ago and wanted to join. Through an advertisement on Facebook asking persons to sign up, she signed up to help.

“Growing up around of Moores for over 25 years, I always want to see my community equipped with all the major and necessary facilities that would aid residents in being free from diseases and illness or have the services at hand. My goals and desires for the foundation is to see all our dreams come through for our little community, our founder Lecia A M Brown, a great inspirer, a leader and a go getter, I want to thank for the opportunity in believing in all of us that we are committed in making LAMB Foundation a success.”

OTHER WORK/AFFILIATIONS: Lotoya is presently the Parish Records Clerk in the Public Health Department at the Clarendon Health Department Services.