January SAT Scholarship Recipients: Webster Pryce and Demacoye Maye

Congratulations to Webster Pryce and Demacoye Maye who were were selected as recipients of the Naima A. Stennett SAT Scholarship. This scholarship was established to recognize outstanding students in the Caribbean who wish to take the SAT to attend College in the United States.

Both Webster Pryce and Demacoye Maye both natives of Clarendon, Jamaica are past students from Denbigh High School and past participants of the John Green Memorial Match hosted by LAMB Foundation in Clarendon, Jamaica. They both have competed in soccer competition such as ISSA Dacosta Cup.

Webster describes himself as hardworking and as someone who always does his best in everything he does.

Demacoye states one of his favorite quote comes from Colin Powell: “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes determination and hard work” and those words kept him motivated.

Both students have shown through your hard work and determination to be a student that LAMB Foundation wants to recognize and encourage to continue their athletic and educational effort. We at LAMB Foundation would like to wish them both continued success throughout their college career and on.