Online LAMB Scholarship Applications NOW AVAILABLE!


As requested by our applicants, a new format for LAMB Applications is now available. After a wonderful LAMB Scholarship meeting held on March 10th, we will launch this new online format. While the paper format is still acceptable by either collecting an already printed application at Moores School or downloading from the website; we wanted to make it easy for everyone to apply.

What is new about the application:

  1. You are ONLY required to fill out section A of the application, and then any section related to the scholarship you are applying to. For example, if you are only applying to the Ruth-Ann Schoberg Scholarship you do NOT need to fill out any other sections.
  2. Recommendations Forms can be submitted in 2 ways: You can provide emails for your recommender if you choose to use the online format. We will then send an email to the teacher to fill out the form online. OR  you can choose to bring in a SEALED envelope with the completed recommendations to Moores Primary School.
  3. You MUST fill out the entire form at one time. You cannot save the form and return later. Also, you cannot make changes once you submit. If you want to make changes, you must complete the entire application over, or contact LAMB Foundation directly.

If you have any questions on the new format please do not hesitate to contact us at LAMB Foundation. We are happy to answer any questions. Also if you have any issues with the application please let us know so we can fix it immediately. Thank you.

You can find the application at

The deadline is still June 1! Good luck to everyone that applies.