Lecia is versatile in that she has several passions and expertise through out her life. Her work not only extends from biomedial research, but she is a philanthropist and advocate for travel and cultural exploration, as well as she was a professional  athlete. Her dynamics make her a great person to work and collaborate with. Check out what she is up to in her blog

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Speaking Engagements

Seminars, Motivational, Keynote, Event Hosting

I speak to athletes from all stages of their career. K-12, College/Universities, Professional, Past Players
Science Majors
The road to discovering your path is difficult. I like to speak to K-12 , Undergraduates at College/Universities, Graduates and New Professionals transitioning into the field.

Planning to start a non profit? Need help keeping your staff motivated for the next project? I worked with several non profits including starting my own. I am ready and eager to help.

Avid Travelers
Want to see the world and want to know how you can do so on a budget? Need someone to speak about travel and the benefits in your life? I have been to over 45 countries and traveled for reasons including adventure, science, philanthropy, and cultural interaction.

Consulting Services

Presentation Innovation, Travel Advice/Services, Others

New Presentations

I create presentations for any occasion. Business, Personal, or even Educational Purposes

Revamp Presentations

If you already have a presentation but wish to make it more professional and/or more interactive. I can make your presentation more exciting for your audience.

Planning a Trip

Need help planning a trip for you or a group of people. On a budget, but want to explore and see as much as possible. I can help with planning your adventure.

Travel Tips/Advice

Want to learn more about traveling and how exactly I make my trips. Interested in First Class/Business Travel, Airport Lounges, Destinations?

Travel for a Cause

Do you want to volunteer while you travel? I have volunteered in many countries while traveling, and you can give your travel purpose as well. Let me show you how.


Science Consulting

Tutoring Services

Philanthropy/Nonprofit Advice

Entrepreneurial Advice

Non Profit Partnership

LAMB Foundation

Work on a Project Together
Do you and LAMB Foundation have similar goals and would like to work together. Send us your ideas and lets make it happen.
Interested in any of our on going projects and want to put in some time to make a difference. Share with us how you would like to be involved.
Do you want to give a donation to LAMB Foundation and unsure how? Send us information and we can contact you.