Spring Cleaning? Moving Out? Recycle Clothes and Shoes with Us


It is that time of year when people start cleaning out their closets, garages etc!!! LAMB Foundation wants you to recycle with us. Not only do you 

1) Keep your items out of land fills 
2) You help us donate wearable items to people in need
3) You help us raise money recycling those items that cannot be worn.

If you have any items that you are getting rid of whether it be clothes, shoes, (even toys, TVs, computers, phones etc) we would gladly take them.

Right now collection locations are in Tampa and West Palm Beach (We will drive 20 mile radius to collect items if needed). 

NOTE: If you are far from those locations but don’t mind mailing your items to us we would greatly appreciate it!

For more information on how to set up a collection for items, or the address to mail it please contact us at lamb@lamb-foundation.org