Top High School Soccer Players Battle in the Inaugural John Green Memorial Scholarship Match

LAMB Foundation is hosting the Inaugural John Green Memorial Scholarship Match to assist soccer players in their university scholarship goals.

We welcome everyone near and far to come out and support these young men as they work to achieve their goals, but also to enjoy a great Sunday afternoon filled with action at the Middlesex International College Stadium. (Find out more information on our website:

Some Top Players included are:

Glenmuir High School

Onando Collins (F/M)

Kevon Lambert (M)

Ryan Brown(M)

Chase Myrie (F/M)

Leroy Bryant (F/M)

Donald Green (D – RB)

Clarendon College

Segal Knight (M)

Donald Francis (GK)

Lennon High School

Rushane Grant (M)

Rajay Russell (Utility)

Nieko Wright (F)

Shawayne Nelson (M)

Kingston College

Jaazeil Thonpson (D – CB)

Manchester High

Romaine Walsh (F)

Munro High School/UWI

Antonio Greg (M/D)

Denbigh High School

Webster Price (F/M)

Tyrone Rhule (F)

Democoy Maye (D)

Kenroy Perry (D)

Taffarie Thompson (D)

Randae Baptise (GK)

Rusea’s High School

Dushane Beckford (F)

Old Harbour High

Joel Johnson (F)

Adriana Cunningham (D – CB)

Oshane Francis (D – LB)


In order to make this possible we are asking for assistance in any means possible (below are some areas in which could help):

  • Airfare cost support for international organizer Brian James
    • (Traveling November 27 / returning November 30)
  • Refreshments for approximately 30 participants
  • 2 sets of bibs or T-Shirts for approximately 30 participants
  • Referee cost support for 3 to 4 officials for the day


Our future plans for this match include:

  • Make the event an annual development and scholarship opportunity for scholar athletes
  • Grow the event to include 5 – 10 American college and University coaches by 2016
  • Partner with local businesses to grow the event
  • Obtain additional sponsorship partners
  • Work through LAMB-Foundation ( to organize other community and sporting events


Please feel free to contact us:

  • Local Organizers:
    • Anthony Roberts (876) 421-8873
    • Bradley Stewart (876) 487-7169
  • International Organizer:

Committee Member LAMB-Foundation ( )

  • Middlesex International College
    • DaCosta Bartley, Chief Executive Officer (876) 797-6822